12:00 PM12:00

Kripalu Yoga in American Sign Language (ASL)

Join Sara for a yoga class that aims to balance the qualities of effort and ease while holding compassionate self-awareness.

The classes includes warm-ups, postures to strengthen and stretch the body, breathing practices to awaken and relax the nervous system, and time for integration. The encouragement throughout practice is to find your own balance of strength, stretch, and ease.

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4:30 PM16:30

Yin Yoga & Breathwork

Join Natalie Surmeli of Tribe of Wolves for this 3-part Yin Yoga & Breathwork Series.

Yin Yoga is both a luxurious and powerful tool for self-discovery. Poses are held from 1-5 minutes, inviting the practitioner to dive into sensations, thought patterns and beliefs.
We will use breathing exercises (Pranayama) to explore and move through any energy blocks or discomfort. You will leave this experience relaxed, rejunvenated and ready for the week ahead. No prior yoga experience necessary.

October 20th, 27th & November 3rd
4:30 PM-6 PM
$115 for all 3 sessions or $40 per session

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6:30 PM18:30

Staying Healthy Through the Seasons

Stay healthy and vibrant all winter long! Join Sarah Fuller, licensed acupuncturist, to learn about how making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can optimize your health and keep you strong and healthy through cold and flu season. Rooted in Traditional East Asian Medicine theory, this class will cover the benefits of living in harmony the seasons and how to do it, with an emphasis on staying warm and nourished during the fall and winter months. As a bonus, you will go home with your very own Fire Cider health tonic!

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7:30 PM19:30

New Year New Moon Reiki Meditation

Working with the moon cycle offers an opportunity each month to begin anew. In this monthly New Moon Reiki meditation, Sarah Fuller, Lic. Ac. and Reiki Master Teacher, will lead a guided meditation while you receive Reiki in a group setting. This potent healing combination will leave you relaxed and refreshed while inviting a fresh start into your life wherever you might need it.

You do not need to have any experience in Reiki or meditation to attend. Everyone is welcome, all that is required is an open mind and an open heart.

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7:00 PM19:00

SOLD OUT! Zen + Tibetan Singing Bowls & Meditation

120 Minutes of Zen
Come to our inaugural event! On September’s full moon, which happens to fall on a Friday the 13th, we’ll be celebrating with sound and meditation.

Join Andrea Kukulka and Melanie Sprauge of the Center for Holistic Healing and Art and their many (almost 20) singing bowls. Cyrstal, mixed metals, and brass Tibetian bowls will create a sound bath for you in Serendipity’s new upstairs zen den.

*The ladies will lead you through two guided meditations.

*There will be a full moon release.

*Sound healing will fill your soul.

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